Our Services

CNC Machining

we uses the latest technology for machining, CNC turning, drilling, grinding and milling. Special processes such as thread rolling, deep hole drilling, Wire cut machining and EDM are used throughout the production.


All manufacturing processes, materials procurement, subcontracting of work and inspection services are monitored throughout the entire production. We pride ourselves on our custom manufacturing services. Through close association with the customer, we create parts based on individual requirements, as well as industry standards and documentation. Customers are also able to supply materials or semi-finished products

VMC Jobwork

We offer all types of VMC machining services. Our rich experience in this industry helps us offer ourclients customized machining solutions at a very low cost. We are currently serving power, nuclear, aerospace, petrochemical industry with our precision machining expertise.

CNC Turning Jobwork

We offer CNC Turning Components such as CNC Lathe Machine Job Work, CNC Machining Component, CNC Turning Centre Job Work, CNC VTL Job Work and many more similar services as per client need.


  • Pattern
  • Drill Jig
  • Fixture
  • Special Purpose Machining
  • Eccentric Pins